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Weekly Podcast TipsDear list:  Has anybody seen this podcasting service?  Chuck
Chuck Ayers
Tulsa, Ok. USA
Voice Mail: 1 918 260 4729
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                        Volume 2 / Issue 5
                              Free Podcast Training

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                                The Tip
                              Stu McClaren recorded my teleseminar on 
Podcasting for his Idea Incubator event later this month.  

                              He gave me permission to let my subscribers 
listen to the recording for free.  He hasn't released it as a Podcast (yet), 
but you can stream the entire piece here.

                              BTW, the offer on the call for all attendees to 
get my 123PodcastLaunch.com Basic Package for free for anyone who attends the 
Incubator through my link.

                                The 3+ hours of LIVE Podcasting training (at 
the event) won't hurt either ;-)
                                The Tipster
                              Paul's Blog at http://www.PaulColligan.com - is a 
great resource for all things Podcasting.
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