Accessible GPS software for PC's

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Hello list!

I have a notebook and desktop, both running vista; is there any kind of GPS 
software, fully featured with maps and other direction-giving programs, out 
there that can be used with screenreaders.  For example, if I had my notebook 
in the car with me and had even a mobile GPS unit running, is there software 
that could be used in the same way as the GW Micro, Humanware, and other units 
do>?  I mean and have it talk.  Sort of like the TomTom adapted for the blind.  
I want a fully-operational GPS program on my notebook with all kinds of 
features (Trekker-like features).  I really don't want to spend thousands of 
dollars for the software and I don't need it to walk around with, but I do want 
it to have it all (satellite connection and the like, plus directional info, 
and landmarks, and everything else)  I want to get a gps system off the store 
shelf and put adapted software on my pc to use it.  

James Robinson

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