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I do not believe you can do much 


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Hello List!
Recently, my wife purchased a TomTom GPS System from Wallmart in thinking I
could somehow use it with my notebook computer.  I have aToshiba notebook
and HP Desktop, both running Vista; I have a home version of the TomTom GPS
software.  I don't expect to carry the device around with me and use it on
the fly, but is there anyway I can access the program via the PC.  The unit
only has one button and a touch screen.  Once you get your data in, you can
have directions and stuff spoken to you in great voices.  They say the
software is strictly written in C/C++ and they even have a kit for
customization of the Navigator software.  I was just wondering how this
product can be adapted to the blind for directions and using the various
features of the unit (maps and location lookups, etc.).  I know Trekker and
other spcially adapted units are more adaptable to the blind, but their
prices are way beyond my reach at this time.  The TomTom cost $148.00 total
and you get it all at once.  
Does anyone know of any special software that could run the TomTom and make
it accessible via a PC keyboard.  The unit has bluetooth technology
available.  What about a brialle keyboard or Stowaway keyboard being used
with it to access the minues and stuff.  right now, it is strictly touch
screen accessible.  You can, however, set up the unit and set some
preferences through their home versin of the software, but as far as I can
see, no blind friendly access is available.  My wife has so much fun just
finding stuff and having directions readand so forth and so on.  I just want
to be able to use the unit via my notebook or desktop and use the maps etc.
James Robinson ios alatenr 1

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