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Thought that you would like this.

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Subject: [PCB-L] email by phone service

Below is info on a new service.  You may want to check this out 
and share
with a friend who doesn't have a computer.  Help them get set up.

is a phone service that lets you get things done by calling a 
number and
saying what you want done.

You can call Dial2Do and say "email" to send an email, "text" to 
send a text
message, "reminder" to ...  well you get the idea.

Any time you want to do something, you dial your local access 
number for
Dial2Do and they'll guide you through getting whatever you want 
done.  For
to send an email:
List of 3 items
1.  They say "What would you like to do?" : You say "Email"
2.  They say "Email Who?" : You say "Dave"
3.  They say "Record your Email" : You say "Hello Dave, I'm 
trying out this
life changing service called Dial2Do"
list end

Hang up and they'll send the email.  Your friends will get a 
message to read
what you said, and also a link so they can hear the original 

The service is adding commands all the time.  As of this article, 
here's what
you can do:
List of 9 items
 Reminder: They'll ask you what you want to be reminded of and 
send you an
email with the details.
 Email: They'll ask you for the Contact you want to email and 
what you want
to say.  They'll send an email with what you said an a link to 
the audio so
they can hear your voice.
 Text: Just like email, except this time they send a text (sms) 
 Listen to Email: You can even reply while listening.  You will 
need to
provide your email account details to use this command.
 Twitter: Post an Update to your twitter feed.
 Jaiku: Post an update to your Jaiku feed.
 Translate: Translates what you say into another language and 
sends it back
to you as a text message.
 Weather: Listen to the weather in your location.
 Calendar: Listen to your calendar and add appointments.
list end

You can find greater detail on each command by clicking on the 
"Do More"
tab.  The service is FREE during their Beta testing process.  
According to the
"If we do ever decide to charge for something, we'll give you 
plenty of
notice and try to keep the basic services free."

Depending on where you are and the plan you have with your 
operator, they will charge you normal rates for the call to 

Before you can use the service, you must register.  Click here to 
Once registered, call 213-325-2615 and enjoy!

"Ability is of little account without opportunity."
Napoleon Bonaparte

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