[blind_tech] vistuff; our new home!

  • From: Robert Cummings <robert.cummings760@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blind_tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 21:49:59 +0100

Hello everyone.

Well, I have recently created a website.  This website is an 
online message board/forum type website.  So, after some 
consideration, i have decided to move this list to the forum 
site.  You'll need to register for an account in order to be able 
to post messages etc.  To get started, use the following link:


The list will still remain active for at least a month or so to 
allow members to move to the forum.  If you have any questions 
regarding this move, please contact me at: 
blind_tech-moderators@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or reply to this message.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new website.

Blind Tech Mailing List Administrator

email: robert.cummings760@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zone BBS username: pocket_PC (ID 8332)

Braillenote mPower BT 32 user
version: keysoft 7,5 build 29

words of wisdom: technology: it's great when it works, but 
rubbish when it doesn't!
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