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  • From: "Marvin Hunkin" <startrekcafe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blind_html@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 14:29:58 +1100

i received the msdn flash from microsoft, as a programming student.
now, registered for the Imagine Cup 2009 Student Contest at, run by Microsoft.
now, was thinking about entering as a team, and the theme for 2009 is the
united nations changing the world by technology.
now, there are 8 categories.
and the one i am interested in, is the web development, where they use
Microsoft Pop Fly web 2.0.
so is this accessible with Jaws?
was thinking of updating my disability database that i started as a web
project several years ago.
long story, so will not go into that right now.
now, needs revamping, and the interface needs totally reworking, as did have
frames, but decided did not like frames, as regard to accessibility, so, was
thinking of using my current project, which i changed the interface seveal
times, and the project is partly designed, but still needs revamping.
the database, would allow users to be able to find information on a range of
disaibilities, services, and links to resources, articles, and other
what do you think of this approach and project?
have registered and now, have just read the conditions of the contest and a
enrolled student.
so might then join the forums, and maybe see if there are other like minded
people there, who are blind or have low vision, or just willing to join me
in my team.
so then i can get this project up and running at last.
have been meaning to go and have a look and totally revamp and rebuild, but
been on the bakc burner for a number of years.
and it was coded in html 4.0, xhtml 1.0, i think, and has css, and also
what do you think about this possible idea for the project and to enter the
now do not jump down my throat Paul.
now, any constructive feedback would be appreciative.
cheers Marvin.

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