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* What is Orca?

Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that provides access to the graphical desktop via user-customizable combinations of speech, braille, and/or magnification. Orca development has been led by the Sun Microsystems, Inc., Accessibility Program Office via continued engagement with its end users and generous contributions from the Mozilla Foundation and wonderful community members.

You can also read more about Orca at

* What's changed for Orca v2.26.1?

2.26.1 - 13-Apr-2009


* Fix for bug #575921 - When I working with the gcalctool application,
  Orca says too lot of the result of the mathematic operations

* Fix for bug #576037 - Bind F1 key to help page

* Fix for bug #576438 - Provide state change information for radio
  buttons that require you to press space to select them

* Fix for bug #577330 - Detect whether speech dispatcher is installed
  or not


* Fix for bug #577245 - Present paragraph-style information in

* Fix for bug #578072 - Orca does not always present text attributes
  in braille in OOo documents


* Fix for bug #577239 - Cannot navigate by line through multi-line
  HTML list items in Firefox/Thunderbird when arrowToLineBeginning is

* Fix for bug #577979 - Pressing Down Arrow from the middle of a
  multi-line HTML list item initially moves to the beginning of the
  line when arrowToLineBeginning is False

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

  See also the overall translation status:

    ar      Arabic               Djihed Afifi
    bg      Bulgarian            Alexander Shopov
    cs      Czech                Lucas Lommer and Petr Kovar
    el      Greek                Jennie Petoumenou and Kostas Papadimas
    hu      Hungarian            Gabor Kelemen
    ml      Malayalam            Harivishnu and Ani Peter
    ru      Russian              Nickolay V. Shmyrev

* Where can I get it?

You can obtain Orca v2.26.1 in source code form at the following:


The Orca Team
gnome-announce-list mailing list

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