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Subject:        [nabs-l] FW: a new type of captcha
Date:   Sat, 11 Apr 2009 22:23:16 -0400
From:   Liz Bottner <liz.bottner@xxxxxxxxx>
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I thought this might interest some.




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Hi all. I read an article about a new type of captcha that could leave
us in

the dark all over again, so I thought it would be of interest. It's
based on

3D image-identification. See

I tried to contact YUNiTi, the captcha's designers, but of course the
contact form had the same style of captcha. So I contacted the article's
author, who was kind enough to put me in touch with the co-founder of
company. The poor guy was stimied by the idea of giving us a viable
alternative, but he says if anyone has one, he'd be happy to hear it.
So...if anybody does, email me off list and I'll give you the
email address. he said I could give it out as long as I didn't post it

I hope, by getting this article out there, someone might have a flash of
brilliance that might help us all, since if this takes hold, it would

WebVisum obsolete.

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