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Subject:        [VINUX] Vinux 1.3 Released!
Date:   Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:30:21 -0800 (PST)
From:   drbongo <tony.sales@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Vinux 1.3 Released!

drbongo and ald0 are proud to announce the new release of Vinux -
Linux for the Visually Impaired!

This release includes a variety of new packages and features, as well
as solutions for bugs in earlier versions:

It includes a range of useful console applications and the yasr screen-
reader, a selection of forensic/recovery tools so it can be used as an
accessible recovery CD/USB pendrive by more experienced users. You can
now install it straight to a USB pendrive using the Ubuntu USB
installer, from the live CD or the ISO image once installed to hard
drive. The username and password entered during the installation
process is now retained and of course Orca, a full-screen magnifier
and Braille support are all available out of the box! If you would
like to try it out or read more details then please follow these

Vinux 1.3 ISO image -

Vinux 1.3 MD5SUM -

Vinux 1.3 Release Announcement -

Vinux 1.3 Keybindings etc -

There is one known issue in this release, the cups server does not
work when you install it to a hard drive, although it works fine from
the live CD or a USB pendrive install. There is a very simple fix for
this which you can implement once you have installed it if you want to
print out any documents. There is a script which will do this for you,
or you can simply type the four lines into the terminal using the sudo

Vinux Cups Fix Script

If you have any questions or would like to give us feedback, please
register on the Vinux Forum/Mailing List so as not to clog up these
mailing lists with posts which may not be relevant to this mailing

Vinux Forum/Mailing List:

have fun,

drbongo and ald0

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