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Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009

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 George Washington's Birthday

Yes, I know, we celebrated George Washington's birthday on Monday (Feb. 17). But that's just a convenient day established for federal workers.

That holiday, now called President's Day, falls on the third Monday of February. That way, federal workers get a three-day weekend.

There's nothing wrong with that. But tomorrow is Washington's real birthday. He'll be 277.

Washington receives very high marks from historians. He's at No. 2 in C-SPAN's 2009 ranking of presidents, trailing Abraham Lincoln. In 2000, he ranked No. 3. Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt switched places this year.

Washington led our ragtag army in the Revolutionary War. I'll bet the British bookies' odds were pretty high against him. But he pulled it off. Most revolutions fail because the generals seize the government at war's end. Washington went home to farm, leaving ours to succeed.

He also led the Philadelphia Convention, following the war. That was no walk in the park. It was supposed to repair the government. But most delegates wanted something more. And many offered their own plans.

Washington kept the convention running, pushing for compromises. It was a success, producing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Washington was our first president, of course. His terms were marked by peace and prosperity. I guess he had seen enough war.

Washington had one great failing: He owned hundreds of slaves. He acknowledged that slavery should be abolished. But Washington freed his slaves only on his wife's death in 1802. That's hard to understand today. I guess you have to look at the times.

He passed in 1799. Washington's funeral oration was delivered by Henry Lee. He called Washington "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Based on his total record, I give him an A+. It's a shame that his "birthday" is just a day to go fishing. But that's life. I think a lot of Honest Abe. But for me, Washington is The Man.

There's a lot of history on the Web about George Washington. But this Cool Site is different. It focuses on Mount Vernon, Washington's home.

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Kim :)

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