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Subject:        How to Kill Political Correctness in Five Easy Steps
Date:   Thu, 21 May 2009 04:41:16 -0000
From:   Ray T. Mahorney <coffee-craver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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How to Kill Political Correctness in Five Easy Steps
Posted By James Hudnall On May 19, 2009 @ 4:53 pm In Politics
Last week I told you
why political correctness must die.
There are plenty of reasons, but I gave five. Today I want to tell you how to kill it for good.

PC is something everyone seems to hate, yet it pervades our culture and lives. The only people
who seem to like it are the ones who use it to impose their
will on everyone else. The abusers. But we don't have to put up with it anymore. It's time we
stood our ground and said "no more."

Of course, to be un-PC doesn't mean going out and insulting everyone. Bad behavior isn't going
to win you friends. But a lot of the alleged outrage out
there from the PC clowns is bogus and it should not be allowed to pass anymore.

How do we do that? Simple.

It won't be an overnight process. But it can be done. All that's required are a few steps, and a
dedication to following them. And not wavering. Because
the abusers of PC will not give up easily.

The good news is the public is against them and signs are there that they tide is already
turning. If there's one thing power fears it's when the masses
are against them. We're already at that point, it's just a matter of focusing our energies.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Honesty: The Miss California incident showed one way to fight back successsfully. Stand your
ground and stick to your guns. It certainly helped that
she had an ally in Donald Trump who saw how popular she became and how much press she was
getting. One way to be PC is to stop playing the game. Look for
supporters who agree with you and back each other up.

2. Organize: Like-minded people need to band together to fight injustice and PC is injustice.
Form groups with others. We should create an acronym organization
that is a pressure group against PC. Since PC got its way for many years thanks to pressure
groups, we should form one to counter it. What do we call it?
STFU comes to mind, but I'm sure we can think of something catchier.

3. Fight Back: If you get into trouble for not being PC, don't roll over like Don Imus did or
many others who knuckled under. Work with groups who support
you and don't let the media tell you how you're supposed to act. If people call for you to be
fired for saying something that wasn't what they claim it
to be, don't let them push you around. Bullies need to get smacked back. Teach them a lesson.

4. Unity: We need to stick together to overcome those things that are a threat to our freedoms.
PC is only part of a larger problem. But taking care of
it is a great start. Stick by your fellow PC critics and back them up. Together we can do this.

5. Speak Out: Finally, when you see the media being PC or promoting some absurd PC agenda, email
or write them. Do the same to politicians. Make sure they
get the message that the people are not supporting this nonsense anymore. If they get enough
mail like this they will get the message. Believe it.
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