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Hi, Nan.
If you dont get anyone to scan this book for you, let me know. I can't do it now but I could probably get to it in a week or two.

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I have a paperback I have been planning to scan but my Opticbook is on
the fritz.  I would really love to read it .. may I give it to someone
else to scan?

It is An East Wind Blowing by Mel Keegan and is a gay Anglo Saxon
historical novel.  I would be happy to use it as my validation training.


Nan Hawthorne
Author of "An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England"
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His father dead at a usurper's hands, a young king must prove himself in spite of his own self-doubt. He struggles against monumental opposition, while his beautiful young wife, the love of his life, is pursued by a darkly sensual mercenary.

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