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Dear Booksharian Friends,

The following books have been claimed,

1. Living More With Less by Doris Janzen Longacre

14. Overtime in Heaven Adventures in the Foreign Service forward by Dean
Rusk Epilogue by John F. Kennedy

17. Command of the King by Mary Lide,

so I've put new books in those slots to keep that number at 24. Why 24? No reason!

I'll send the following books free to volunteers interested in scanning them. Anyone you like can validate them or you can put them up on step one. When the book is approved, please do anything you like with it.

I hope to mail these to a variety of people who have a special interest in them. I won't be boxing all of them up to send to only one or two people. If I spread them around, maybe they'll have better chances to be carefully
scanned and validated and added to the collection.
As usual, please send your request and address off list to


I'll post which books are claimed and which are still available. Unless the submittor notifies the list of what book I've sent, I don't announce who has what.

I'll ship unrequested books to Bookshare.

Thanks in advance for helping me clear out my book overage and for adding new books for all of us.

1. Say Yes to Tomorrow by Dale Evans Rogers, hardback, about 124 pages long, we have one other book by Dale Evans. Sometimes the very things that make us want to say no, risk, difficulties or changes are the gifts that help us grow in faith. Puzzling things happen to Christians, Death takes loved ones people disappoint us, we hurt, we suffer, but we can move ahead boldly and with confidence.

2. Missing (Fear Street) R. L. Stine mass market paperback 168 pages First their parents disappeared. Then the real terror began...Bookshare has about 13 other books in this series by this author.

3. The Bloody Bozeman The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold Dorothy M. Johnson. Oversized quality paperback, 365 pages This was a trail for a man new to the wilderness who came to better his condition. He was stubborn, sometimes cautious gambler who despite hostile Indians gambled his life to better himself.

4. Knee Deep In Paradise, 282 new hardcover, memoir by Brett Butler immortalizes showbiz. Talks about the poor man's involvement with celebrity, an honest voice about her growing life and the way she sees America.

5. set your voice FREE America's foremost vocal coach Roger Love with Donna Frazier Create dynamic business presentations! Turn dreams of singing into reality! Be a relationship magnet! Sound great on your answering machine!

6. Blinded by the light new theories about the sun and the search for dark matter by John Gribbi n oversized trade paperback 237 pages

7. The Cobra Manifesto by Adam Hall, espionage adventure with Agent Quiller by the author of The Mandarin Cypher, a hardbound ex library book, 263 pages Kobra is a group of international terrorists, set in places like the French Riviera and Rome.

8. Deep Purple by Ted Allbeury . This author is believed by many to be the best teller of spy tales in the group of authors who were spies themselves. The main character had a tough life growing up in foster homes. He works his way up in the Army to the intelligence corp and is fluent in Russian. Hard cover 243 pages

9. On The Far Side of the Mountain sequel to My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George mass market paperback 170 pages Sam is still alone with his falcon, Frightful, 2 years after he ran away to live on the land. His younger sister lives in a treehouse nearby. A conservationist is threatening to take Frightful away. 170 pages.

11. The Wind Singer Book one in the Wind on Fire Trilogy by William Nicholson hardcover 358 pages Kestrel's schoolroom rebellion against the stifling caste system leads to explosive consequences for her family who are relegated to the city's lowest caste and are ostracized. She is doomed to spend the rest of her days in the dreaded teaching of the zombie like old children This book is from the Teen section.

12. The Secret World of Alex Mack , I bet you can't by Diana G. Gallagher Nickelodeon Alex has her super powers under control she can catch a thief but risked exposing her powers to the public infuriating her sister. She takes a dare she can't refuse. Just try getting through one day without using your super powers.

13. Memories of Madison County The true story of my romance with Robert James Waller by Jana St. James hardback 174 pages

14.Blood Trillium by Julian May hardcover 591 pages with some decoration under the top centered page numbers, Julian May returns to the world she created with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton as a dark power imperils the fate of Ruwenda and the entire world of Three Moons. We have 3 other books by this author including Sky Trillium. Twelve years past the sisters Haramis, kKadija, and Anigel wielded the three part Sceptre of Power to restore balance to a world threatened by the sorcerer Orogastus. Now, amid portents of new danger the archimage Haramis is visited by a fugitive who brings news. A sorcerer maroonedon the remote island called the Land of Fire and Ice has escaped.

15. The Throne of Saturn A novel of space and politics by Allen Drury Heavy hardback 580 pages nations and their enemies track each other with satellites.

16. The Curse of The Nile, The Mummy Chronicles by Dave Wolverton based on the motion picture screenplay, "The Mummy Returns by Stephen Sommers, includes fun facts about Egypt, Alex didn't dream of falling into the Nile and being swarmed by Crocodiles and meeting a Jinn who would make his wishes come true. . Paperback 119 pages long.

17.The Run To Morning by Jack Higgins, hardback large print, 286 pages. Oliver Grant used to work for American Military intelligence. Now he'll work for, with or against anyone as long as there's enough money in it. But Dimitri Stavrou isn't asking Oliver to take on his new assignment. Stavrou made certain he'd take the job. He's holding Oliver's blind sister hostage until the mission is completed. Stavrou's stepson is in an impenetrable Libyan prison; he wants out and Oliver Grant is the only one in the world capable of such a task.

18. Icky Squishy Science by Sandra Markle, RL 4, paperback 70 pages. It's Icky, It's Disgusting, It's Fun! Projects like making a worm farm, watch out for sticky plants, Blow Up A Marshmallow!

19. Tough Guys Don't Dance a novel by Norman Mailer Hardcover 229 pages

20 The Games Do Count America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports Brian Kilmeade Co-host of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends Forward by Jim Brown, Hard cover 325 pages about 70 short chapters. This looks like a fascinating, not boring, book for sports fans. The contents is printed with white words on a black background, just be warned. Perhaps one of our friendly helpers could scan the contents if you think it will cause a problem. Sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, golf and many more are featured

21. The Pride of the Peacock by Victoria Holt hardcover about 270 pages A large opal plays a large part in a woman's unlucky destiny.

23. The Purple Quest by Frank G. Slaughter, a vivid novel of seafaring adventure and royal intrigue in the ancient world Hardcover 210 pages. Dust jacket very ripped up, but the book is in good shape.

24. Dark Horse by Fletcher Knebel hardback 367 pages, Quinn, an obscure New Jersey highway official becomes a presidential candidate, I think this is a novel of political speculation. For example they talk about an international treaty to conscript men for the army that are over 50. A major reduction of income tax rate coupled with the abolition of all deductions except a 30 percent human depletion allowance for all taxpayers. a law requiring all prison guards and wardens to spend at least one month at a penal institution other than their own, as anonymous prisoners. Satire? I don't know/!


Always with love,


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