[bksvol-discuss] Re: should i resign as volunteer?

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Hey Linda!

Is there anything you can go by?  I am not a technician, but please  just 
hang in there and hold onto the book until one of our experts can help you. 
Although it is true bookshare has not accepted books with no page breaks for 
quite sometime, hang in there until someone with experience can help you 
decide, okay?

I'm not just talking off the top.  I have become very frustrated at times 
with different problems, but there is help on this list.  So maybe go do 
something else, and wait for the experts.  <smile>

Hope this helps with encouragement,

Sue S.

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] should i resign as volunteer?

Hi all,

I am very upset.

If I have to spend days looking for page breaks-and if I don't understand 
them-maybe i should resign as volunteer?

I enjoy doing this work-but i have other things to do-and looking for page 
breaks takes time-and i don't know a heck a lot of where to put the breaks.

I don't want to put the breaks were they don't belong-but if so, there is 
two things i can do.

I can resign because i don't want to destroy the book-even though the 
readability is improving.

Or get some training on where to place page breaks.

If the latter, where do i find information on page breaks?

Sorry to be so boring gentle people but this is upsetting to me.

I know that books should be high quality-and i am working to death to get 
this particular book up to par-and find i have to reject it?

linda k. 

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