[bksvol-discuss] Re: should i resign as volunteer?

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Don;t quit and don't be discouraged.  I had to ask what you folks meant by page 
breaks and I am/was and English teacher. My first book was refused 3 times and 
that was before he got a look at the contents of the book. The book I am 
working on now I may have to rescan if I cannot figure out how to gei it into 
the new programr I  am now working with as the program I scanned it in I no 
longer have.  But I will trey to hang in there as I think the book is worth it 
and I am sure you will think so too. 


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  Hi all,

  I am very upset.

  If I have to spend days looking for page breaks-and if I don't understand 
them-maybe i should resign as volunteer?

  I enjoy doing this work-but i have other things to do-and looking for page 
breaks takes time-and i don't know a heck a lot of where to put the breaks.

  I don't want to put the breaks were they don't belong-but if so, there is two 
things i can do.

  I can resign because i don't want to destroy the book-even though the 
readability is improving.

  Or get some training on where to place page breaks.

  If the latter, where do i find information on page breaks?

  Sorry to be so boring gentle people but this is upsetting to me.

  I know that books should be high quality-and i am working to death to get 
this particular book up to par-and find i have to reject it?

  linda k.

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