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Hi Mary, 

My sense is that it's relatively small, although I don't have precise metrics 
on that. Many of our volunteers aren't even on the list, because they're not 
interesteed in having their inbox filled with 75 messasges about scanning a day 
<smile>. We also do outreach through a newsletter that every member who's 
willing to accept email from us recieves every few months or so. 


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I'm curious if you know approximately what percentage of the over all user base 
of BookShare participates on the volunteer list.  Its not just an academic 
curiosity. We're talking about things like getting rid of the 
stripper, perhaps acting as though we could just take a vote and make it 
happen. that got me to thinking about all the people that aren't here and 
wondering just what percentage of the customer base this list 
represents. I'm guessing its fairly small, but I of course have no way of 

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