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Hi Candice,

        You can't change the spellings, but you can tell your spell checker
to ignore all occurrences of each made-up word or name as it comes up.  You
can also tell the spell checker to ignore capitalized words which might
shrink the number of misspelled words by a whole lot.  That's generally what
I do before reading.  Ignoring capitalized words does make the number of
improperly spelled words a lot smaller.  But to answer your question, you
can't change spellings unless they scanned incorrectly.  If they did scan
incorrectly, then you can use the "replace all" feature in the spell checker
dialogue to fix things globally.  Have you tried any of this stuff?  It
might help and reduce your frustration a lot!

        If you need help using the spell checker's many possible helpful
features, just tell us what program you're using and I'm sure you'll have
lots of help here!

Good luck!



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I've been atempting to spell check this book for like a half an hour, and
most everything coming up is a proper name or a made up thing since it is a
science fiction book. My question is if it's scanned in would it not ruin
the author's intent by changing most spellings? For a 500 page science
fiction book, am I spitting in to the wind? 

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