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Thank you. I stand reassured. I did not realize that the in house 
proofreading process applied only to the educational books.

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Hi Roger. In the past, Carrie would chop and scan fiction, romance novels,
mysteries, science fiction, and other things not covered by the education
grant. Then she'd put the scanned books on the check out list for us to
proofread. It wasn't busy work as many of these books are ones we have
wanted to read for awhile and like doing. Because these books aren't part of
the education grant, the in-house proofreading process doesn't fully apply.
This gives us a chance to be active partners with Bookshare. One of her last
batches of books for us contained several mysteries by Agatha Christie and
Dick Francis and some Star Trek books. I was a happy camper. Carrie has many
shelves and piles of books in her scanning area, and a good number of them
are novels and fiction donated by people who aren't able to scan books
themselves. As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy that the in-house staff works
on the educational books and gives us free reign to work on books that
interest us. (smile) I don't feel guilty for passing over textbooks anymore.

Monica Willyard
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