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I'm going to be romanced-out by the time I finish what I've put on my plate.  2 
down, five to go.
If I can avoid any of the following, someone let me know:
Passions of Chelsea Kane
Irresistible Mr. Sinclair
Uncultured Handmaiden
Parlor Games
Unfinished Tapestry
Everyone have a nice day.

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  Hi All,

  I have downloaded a book to validate called "The Bachelor."  Though it has
  evidently been converted into RTF, Word says it is plain text.  I will
  reject the book unless someone wants to have a whack at it.  In the parts I
  looked at, it looks like a steamy romance but every line seems to have at
  least one letter either wrong or missing.  I will hold it until I see if
  there are any takers to rescan it.  If not, I will reject it and recommend
  it for the no book left behind list.


  Sue S.

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