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Hi Monica,
This looks like a good place to answer your questions. I found it by typing
your question about Outlook Express folders into Google.



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Hello again.  Sorry for these o.t. messages but I wasn't sure where to go
to ask.  Hopefully I don't have to keep asking computer related questions.
Forgive my ignorance in advance.

I have a couple of questions regarding outlook express and outlook.
1. On my old computer when using outlook express, I had mine set to
automatically check for e-mails.  Hence, I never had to type in my
Well, when I was setting up my new computer today, it asked me for my
password and I couldn't remember it.  My question is, 'Does anyone know how
I could find the password on the computer itself?  Is there a hidden file
it could be in?'  I wonder how I could recover it?
2. Is there a way to move folders from my old computer, which are in
outlook express, to the new computer in to the regular Outlook program?
Thanks in advance for your help.  I'd really appreciate it.

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