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Hello Kelly, 


IF the computer is beginning to act up like that get your important data
backed up. Mine was doing weird things like giving me errors when I was
installing the new McAfee and about a week or so later the drive died. 



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Hi everyone, 

I'm having internet issues like crazzy.  I can't get to any webpages exept
for google advanced search.  Even with that page I can't get anywhere with
it's help.  I'm also having major problems receiving email.  For now I can
still send email but I don't know how long that's going to work.  I've
called my ISP twice with little help.  The second person saying that I
needed to reinstall windows.  If it comes to that, I'm taking an easier way
out, by a new computer.  <bg>  This one is four or five years old and I've
always been complaining about the noise is preduses.  <g>

Anyways, this means I can't upload any book for, I don't know how long. So,
I'm going to just let my two book go for now. I'll work on my copies and
what ever happens is what ever happens.  I wish I could unsurcribe for the
time being but I errased everones email from the list that was in my one
file before thinking. oh well...

I'm hoping I can fix my problems as soon as I can.

Talk to you later. 

Kelly C

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