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Hi. I am just anxiously awaiting this book by Danielle Steel and wondered if 
anyone knows what has happened to it if it was rejected which i wouldn't think 
because i sent ihn a hard copy and thought the inhouse stuff scanss almost 
excellently. before i look for another source just wondered if anyone knows 
what may have happened or if it is still in the validation phase. A reject list 
would be nice that way someone can find the book throug another source if it 
for whatever reason doesn't make it to the site and at least all of mine have 
because i send in hard copies not having proper scanning equipment at home and 
i like to help the collection in whatever i can and right now sending in books 
works for me. Just had really looked forward to grabbing this book right away 
is all.
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  Hello Kelly, 


  IF the computer is beginning to act up like that get your important data 
backed up. Mine was doing weird things like giving me errors when I was 
installing the new McAfee and about a week or so later the drive died. 



  Katie Hill 
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  Hi everyone, 

  I'm having internet issues like crazzy.  I can't get to any webpages exept 
for google advanced search.  Even with that page I can't get anywhere with it's 
help.  I'm also having major problems receiving email.  For now I can still 
send email but I don't know how long that's going to work.  I've called my ISP 
twice with little help.  The second person saying that I needed to reinstall 
windows.  If it comes to that, I'm taking an easier way out, by a new computer. 
 <bg>  This one is four or five years old and I've always been complaining 
about the noise is preduses.  <g>

  Anyways, this means I can't upload any book for, I don't know how long. So, 
I'm going to just let my two book go for now. I'll work on my copies and what 
ever happens is what ever happens.  I wish I could unsurcribe for the time 
being but I errased everones email from the list that was in my one file before 
thinking. oh well...

  I'm hoping I can fix my problems as soon as I can.

  Talk to you later. 

  Kelly C

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