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Hi Monica,

We discourage conversion away from document formats that do not support all of the features as RTF. Converting RTF to KES for example is fine because both can handle standard markup. Converting RTF to text though loses things like bold, italic, and underlining as well as font information. We would like to see books come through with as much of this in tact, which was one of the driving reasons behind not accepting text files anymore.

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    Would this goofy idea work for stripping random graphic elements from
Word... Saving as a text file is bad because you lose the page breaks, but good because you also lose random graphics. So, before saving the document
as a text file, preserve the page breaks.  FineReader converts page breaks
to Section breaks in Word.  Do a global Search and Replace for Section
Breaks (Edit to Replace to More to Special) and change them to something
unique that won't occur in the book, like your phone number. Save as a text
file, close, open it up and the scanos are gone.  Again, globally replace
your phone number with a manual page break (Edit to Replace to More to
Special).  Resave the file in .rtf format.

    The paragraph indents are changed to spaces when converted to text (as
would any tables or temporary margins for long quotations) which is why rtf is the standard. Certainly this trick won't be suitable for all documents,
but many novels would be unaffected by the process because they don't have
any fancy formatting to lose.

   About Scan and Read in FineReader 8.0, yes it scans and reads.  A few
items down on the Process menu is an item for Automated Tasks where you can
scan, read, and have it all sent to Word.

    One way of cutting down on random lines and other weird graphic items
is to set a custom page size to avoid scanning the edge of the paper. It
takes some tinkering,

M in M (Monica in Maryland)


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