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  • From: "Monica Willyard" <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 18:42:33 -0500

Hi, Candice. There are three email addresses that will stand you in
good stead for almost anything you need to do. Write to
volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for anything related to volunteer activities
such as locating the submitter of a book you're validating for missing
pages or for when you need to change a synopsis. That address is set
up so your questions or concerns will go to the right person.

Write to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for problems with the actual Bookshare
system such as books that won't open, links that don't work, or files
that seem to be corrupted.

Finally, if you need to contact Carrie directly for something, write
to her at ckarnos@xxxxxxxxx  She handles collection development and is
the person to talk to if you want to send books to Bookshare to be
scanned. She can tell you if she's able to process them along with her
current workload. She scans the New York Times bestsellers for us and
knows what it's like to be a volunteer.

Old habits die hard. We used to go to Carrie for most things related
to volunteering and fixing books because there was no one else in
place who could help us. Carrie's a nice person who makes helping us
look so easy, even when she's under a deadline. So it's taking us some
time to get used to writing to the volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx email
address. Now that Bookshare has grown, they are asking us to use the
volunteer address so our requests can be given directly to the person
who can fix the issue. Pavi is our volunteer coordinator, and she
tracks our issues to make sure they're resolved well. She passes
things along to Allison, Linda, Carrie, or Lisa and helps everybody
stay in the loop.

I know this isn't an official post. Does it help you feel more in
touch with things though? I'm glad you're volunteering and that you're
asking questions. Smart people ask while the not so smart ones make up
their own answers and are usually wrong. (grin)

Monica Willyard
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