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Amber, I think these are very worthwhile books even if I don't read them. It's the silence that's so hard.
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These books have been submitted by me today... Go to it, validators!
The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle
This story is told from the pointof view of Paula Spencer, an alcoholic trying to make a living with her three children in Dublin. Her husband has been
murdered after shooting and killing a woman he tried to rob. This novel goes between present and past, as Paula tries to figure out what went wrong and
how she can change. This book contains adult content for some sexual and violent scenes.
The Aching Hearth: Family Violence in Life and Literature
This is a literary criticism, essays written by different people...
Every Breath You Take: Stalking Narratives and the Law by Orit Kamir
This reviews the reality of stalking, and the validity of stalking laws.
Intimate Violence: Reading Rape and Torture in Twentieth Century Literature by Laura E. Tanner
Essays on rape and torture in literature... I probably should have marked this one adult content but forgot.
Creating safe space: Violence in Women's writing edited by Tomoko Kuribayashi and Julie Tharp.
Can you tell I was doing research? I don't know if Bookshare folks will ever use them but hey, I thought I would submit anyway.
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