[bksvol-discuss] Re: a question about page breaks (i am sorry it has been long time)

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It sounds as though there are eleven pages of preliminary material before the 
first Arabic page, page 1, although it isn't numbered.  (You should put a 
number 1 there to protect the Prologue title.)  The line below where it says 
page 13 contains the first page number, which is 2, followed by the header for 
that page, which is the author.  The line below where it says page 14 contains 
the header, which in this case is the title, followed by Arabic page number 3.  
If you go up to the top of the file, you should hear several pages including 
the title page, a copyright page with the ISBN number, publisher's address and 
so on, and other pages with such things as Dedication, and probably a couple of 
blank pages, if the number of page breaks accurately reflects the actual number 
of preliminary pages.

Also, you will want to get rid of any tabs in the file by replacing them with 
spaces, as the Bookshare software removes them but doesn't put spaces in their 
place.  Yes these tabs are in the header, so they may be removed by the 
stripper along with the header, or they may not; I don't know.  But there may 
be other tabs which will make things ugly if the Bookshare processing gets hold 
of them, such as in a Table of Contents, or perhaps elsewhere.

You should do one of two things with the headers, in this case, the title on 
odd-numbered pages and the author on even-numbered pages:  You should either 
make sure they are all the same - sometimes scanners garble them - so that the 
automated header stripper can remove them all, or you should remove them 
yourself as you read along.

There is a lot of stuff to remember to get a book up to topnotch quality - too 
much imho to expect from most people, but that's the way it is.  This is not an 
exhaustive list.

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  Hi fellow volunteers,

  First let me appologize-I am behind the times I am afraid)  

  I have decided to work long and hard with this book-(the summer i dared) 

  Maybe I will learn something-and do a better job at validating (smile)

  My questions are regarding page breaks.

  Cindy had recommended jake's page of hints.

  I went up there and learned something already (smile)

  My question is this:

  Before the word prologue, there is a line which speaks page break.

  Then the next line reads page 12 and the word Prologue.

  Okay, I go down a page (using control+page down) and here is what i hear via 

  There is a line that says page break.

  Below this line, it says page 13  the number 2 and there is a tab  and the 
words  Barbara Delinsky

  Finally, the next page down, it says:

  Page break 

  The line below this line it says:

  page 14 THE SUMMER I DARED and a tab and the number 3

  What does this mean?

  I hope you all don't mind answering this-and I sincerely think this book will 
pass very well once the kinks are out.

  Thank you to all, and i look forward to hearing from you.


  linda k

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