[bksvol-discuss] Want to beta-test my Victor Reader tutorial

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 21:13:37 -0700

Cross posted to both bookshare lists:
Hey everyone,
I'm the alternate media person at a California community college. I've been
rather unsuccessfull at getting my students interested in bookshare. Most of
them bring me books to scan, and don't want to figure out how to locate,
download and read them independently.
We teach Kurzweil, and I finally figured out that one barrier was Victor
Reader. It might be easy to use, but there is nobody to hold your hand and
help you learn it.
To fill this gap, I'm working on a Victor Reader tutorial. I've focused on
the bookshare edition, and reading bookshare books. Instead of following the
geeky manual, I present information in the order that makes most sense to me
for learning to use the software.
The tutorial is a collection of MP3 files. I have been a great admirer of
the teaching style of Cathy Ann Murtha from Access Technology Institute and
also Dan Clark from Freedom Scientific. But since I'm not a professional
trainer, this tutorial is more irreverent. The intended audience is either a
high school student who was not the computer wiz in the class, or a senior
citizen who is new to computers but young at heart. There is a great deal of
information for people who occasionally use a Braille display or limited
vision to assist with reading.
I am really interested in feedback from the community. If you want to
beta-test the first three sections, which is about 2 hours of listening,
please email me and I'll send you a zip archive of the files.
I'm releasing this under the creative commons license which means you are
free to copy and share it, but not claim it is your work. You are especially
encouraged to share it with anyone who is struggling to read with Victor
When I send out the zip archive, I'll be using SendSpace, unless you can
recommend a better service. If you want to receive the file some other way,
you'll have to specify.

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