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Hi Rose, 

The first couple of books I downloaded to validate I threw my hands up on.
Since then I have found it has gotten easier.
I am working on a book called Prairie Wife. It is a good book but the scan
is maybe only going to turn out to be fair to good.. If the scanner is on
the list let me know. I have some questions. 

Level III Practitioner 
Reconnective healing and the Reconnection
Level 1 Reiki healing

Life is an inside job and light and love is everything:)
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Yes, I know where the backslash key is, that was not the problem.  

I have spent most of the day working on this one doing spell check,
searching out all the new line characters , trying to make it look as
professional as I can.  I finally dumped the file on my husband, he is
making short work of some of the things that have been giving me
problems all weekend.  I managed somehow to turn a 900 page document
into one of more than 3000 pages, that is when I threw up my hands and
put it on a flash drive and handed it to him.  He says he has it back
down to 800 or so pages now.  Geesh, I never thought it could be so
difficult and I sure hope this gets accepted and someone reads it.  
I guess the mouse helps, I don't know, or my brains are fried.  
Tom just handed me back my flash drive says it is minus all my extra
pages, a bunch of new lines that were inappropriate, minus some tabs
that were not necessary either.  

I downloaded this Saturday, so I assume that I need to renew it Friday
or so if I have not got all of the spelling done--asking because I am
working the rest of the week.  

Anyone want a super headache?  It is free!  

Rose Combs

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I'm glad you got the backslash confusion solved. <grin> You've put so
mental energy into dealing with this book that it would be a shame to
to release it. The backslash can be in different places on different
keyboards. On mine it is shift along with the key just to the left of
backspace. On others it is shift with the key directly below the

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