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Thanks Sue,

I had a number of scans that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while awaiting upload. I never felt rushed about submitting them as I found out, after I scanned them, that all 3 Grail Quest books were on Web Braille.
With 1-stop shopping in mind however, I've started submitting them.
Heretic (Grail Quest, book 3) is already up there on the Step 1 page, and Vagabond (Grail Quest, book 2) will be up in a day or 2. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Openbook decided Vagabond needed a bunch of extra page breaks. Maybe we're getting back to those gremlins people have been talking about.


At 01:55 AM 2/8/2007, you wrote:

Hi All,

I just uploaded The Archer's Tale, The Grail Conquest Book One, by Bernard Cornwell for admin approval. Great scan, David.

Sue S.

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