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You don't have to send in emails when you submit books, but many of us here do 
so someone who might want to validate the book can see that it's been 
submitted, so yes, you sent it to the right people. <smile> Many people send in 
submission notices here, but many more don't, so it's whatever you prefer. Take 
Julie Morales
Children are fragile. Handle with prayer. --Unknown
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  I don't know if this will go to the right people but here goes.

  I have uploaded two books, so far, that already exist in the collection.
  They are only the .brf files retranscribed for correct formating and also 
checked for errors.
  I believe that I used the word retranscribed in the comments area and hope 
this will trigger something rather than a duplicate rejected message.

  The books are:
  Time Traders by Andre Norton and
  Time Traders II: The Defiant Agents and Key Out of Time by andre Norton.

  J. R. Westmoreland

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