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Dear Carrie,

It will be very interesting to hear about your trip to Hadley.  We read in a 
recent newsletter from the school that they intended to develop some 
relationship with bookshare.

Mike has recently completed a Hadley course, and over the past twenty-eight 
years I have taken around ten courses.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Cat Lover Lori

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  Sorry, I don't remember Phyllis.  I didn't reply to your previous message, 
thinking that someone else would remember her and mention it to you.

  I'll be leaving to go to Chicago and the Hadley School for the Blind in about 
an hour, so I may or may not be checking email while I'm gone.  Be back home 
next Sunday.

  Hope everyone has a great week!  Carrie

  Julia Kulak <julia.kulak@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Hi Kerri. I'm sorry if this is bugging you, but I think you were here when 
    was last quite a few years ago. Do you remember Phyllis, and do you keep in 
    touch with her. Again, sorry if this is a bother, I'm just confused. Did 
    that message make it to the list?

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