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  • From: "Judy s." <cherryjam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 01:01:01 -0600

Hi John,

It looks like there is an excellent copy that was scanned in by Carrie and added to the collection in March of 2008.

Here's the link:


Since the Bookshare site was updated this year, every book now has the "Date of Addition" information available on the book's information page. I use that feature all the time now to check back and see if a book that I love but have a low quality older copy of has been replaced with a better version. smile.

Judy s.

John J. Boyer wrote:
When I was just out of high school, more than fifty years ago, I enjoyed reading The Robe in Braille. A few years ago I downloaded it from Bookshare, but it was of such poor quality that it was unreadable. Has it been replaced?

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