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Submitted for Validation:
The Healing Energy Experiments by Gary Schwartz (2007)
(Headers removed, blank pages identified and numbered, carefully spell checked 
so no spell check required)
Over the past three decades, an impressive body of scientific evidence has 
emerged that points to consciousness and its capacity to mediate healing.
Are energy fields real? And if so, can they be used for healing and health? 
Yes, according to Schwartz, a professor at the University of Arizona. He tells 
marvelous stories of such healings and uses experiments to confirm that the 
human body is a bundle of energy that can be healed by another such bundle of 
energy. Through experiments with EEGs and EKGs, Schwartz says, he and others 
have found that our bodies are masses of biochemical energy, that such energy 
connects us to plants and other animals, that this energy can be harnessed for 
healing and that some people are in touch with their energy and use it to heal 

Jim Nuttall--Michigan

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