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    I just finished reading the new section on proofreading with K1000, and 
even though I've done a lot of proofreading, I learned some helpful hints! I do 
have a few questions, though.

    First, once you standardize the font at 12 points, is there a quick way to 
set chapter titles at 16, or should this simply be done  as you read through 
the book?

    Second, if Correction of End of Line Hypens is enabled under General 
Settings, is it necessary to do the find and replace? If you apply corrections 
under the Edit menu, won't that take care of the problem?

        Third, I'm curious about the need for a blank line after a page break. 
I know there should be a blank line between the text and the end of the page, 
and between the page number and the text, but why do we need a blank line at 
the top, between the page break and the number? Sorry if I'm not making sense.

    Fourth, if you go through the 27 steps to remove unneeded returns, wouldn't 
that mess up text that is deliberately written in columns, such as lists? I 
know list items are often preceded by bullets, but sometimes they are not.

    That reminds me: is it still a good idea to replace bullets with something 
like a double dash, so as not to confuse the braille translator?

    OK, last question, I promise. Can't you  do similar procedures in K1000 to 
those described in Word, such as replacing smart quotes? As I understand it, 
you can hit Control -H for Find and Replace, then hold down the ALT key and 
type the required number sequence with the Numpad keys.

    Sorry this is long. Again, my thanks to all who have worked so hard on 
these documents. It is really helpful to have all the suggested procedures in 
one place.


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  Bookshare and VAT have been rather busy lately.

  We now have some additions to the scanning and proofreading manual that I 
think you may find helpful--especially to those new scannors and prooffers.

  They are:

  1.      A Checklist for Proofreading with Kurzweil: 



  2.      Tips for Scanning with Kurzweil: 



  3.      Tips for Scanning with Finereader: 



  4.      Tips for using tables link: 


  5.      And some information about the spellchecker: 


   If you find any mistakes, or problems, please let us know through this list.





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