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I just realized, after sending the below, that I had mis-written the way that 
the square brackets are translated in Grade 2 Braille. The left square bracket 
is dot 6, dots 2-3-5-6, and the right square bracket is dots 2-3-5-6, dot 3 in 
Grade 2 Braille.


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While the less-than and greater-than signs or so-called angle brackets <> and 
curly braces {} *are not* translated correctly, the left and right square 
brackets [] *are* translated correctly by Duxbury (i.e., the Braille translator 
used by Bookshare). They appear as dot 3, dots 2-3-5-6, and dots 2-3-5-6, dot 6 
respectively. IMHO, parentheses wouldn't be suitable, because they could appear 
inside the actual text of the book, and asterisks are already being used to 
indicate footnotes or to preserve blank lines that separate sections of a book. 
As for Duxbury's translation of symbols which have no Grade 2 equivalent in to 
actual words, and this also happens with symbols such as ^, \, and | appearing 
as caret, backslash, and bar in addition to the one's Sue mentions, it's been a 
peeve of mine with Duxbury ever since I've known about it; why they are not 
represented in Computer Braille, where such symbols are facilitated, is beyond 
me, it reeks havoc with back-translation to text 
 because such symbols remain as words rather than being converted to the proper 
symbol, and I simply shudder to think how awfully BRF copies of programming 
books must appear! <sigh> ('tis why I use DAISY for such things) The use of 
Duxbury annoyed me endlessly when I used the BrailleNote, and I'm *so* glad 
that the PACMate uses some other translator which properly displays these 
symbols in Computer Braille when translating or displaying Grade 2 text!

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