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I am not sure if you mean your subscription to Bookshare or your subscription to this discussion list. If you mean the former I suppose you would contact Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If you mean the latter then that one might work, but there is also Volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The ones you would be contacting at the latter address monitor this list so you may have already contacted them but sending your email directly would ensure that your message gets noticed.

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can i have the persons email address that i would ask fore help with my subscription? amber ----- Original Message ----- From: Cindy
 To: Abhinav Nayak
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Abhinav, Welcome to Bookshare. I will add your requests to the fiction wish list and will forward your letter to the volunteer email list. in hopes that some volunteers will see the books and be interested in scanning them a little more quickly. It may take a little while for the books to get into the collection--unless the publisher is one that sends its books to bookshhare. It will take me a couple of days to get the books onto the wish list but I'll do so asap. I checked a couple of the titles and "Hardy Boys" in the collection and I gather that these are books in the series that are not yet in the collection


Wish List (i.e., books wanted added to the collection) and books-being-scanned list available at sites below

 Wish List: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/BSO/Bookshare+Wish+List

Books Being Scanned List: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/BSO/Books+Being+Scanned+List

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 Subject: Request for books

 Hi Cindy,

 Writing to you as per Carrie's suggestion for my book requests.

The list may be quite lengthy, but if you could make it, it would be great!

I see quite a few interesting books coming up every month. This service is what made me change my mind about Bookshare and extend my membership.

Thanks for all the books you folks have made available. Couldn't even dream of reading these books otherwise.





 Required books


 Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon


 66. The Phoenix Equation

 70. Rigged for Revenge

 71. Real Horror

 72. Screamers

 94. A Taste for Terror


 Mystery Stories

 30. The Wailing Siren Mystery (1951 original text, 214 pages)

 32. The Crisscross Shadow (1953 original text, 213 pages)

 146. The Mark of the Blue Tattoo

 163. The Spy That Never Lies


 Undercover Brothers

 28. Galaxy X

 30. The X-Factor

 31. Killer Mission

 32. Private Killer

 33. Killer Connections





 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries by Carolyn Keene

 27. Islands of Intrigue

 31. Out of Control

 32. Exhibition of Evil

 34. Royal Revenge

 36. Process of Elimination





 Would also like to see:

 Rest of Tom Swift Sr.,Jr.,III & IV series by Victor Appleton

 Don Sturdy by Victor Appleton

 Ted Scott Flying series by Franklin W. Dixon

 and the rest of Hardy Boys Clues Brothers

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