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Good catch, Cindy. I just hit "reply" -- tough to tell the difference because I 
didn't name the lists differently. I'll have to put the old list down soon.

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The only way to get rid of the junk or, as the spell-check posts say, words 
which are spelled correctly but 
are inappropriate for the context, is to read the book and correct as you go. 
Then you can do a final 
spell-check, when you've finished, as a double-check.  If you don't want to do 
that, release the book and let 
someone else do it.

As far as the page numbers go: I checked Amazon.com. They now have a feature 
with some books that 
you can look at inside pages. I don't know whether you have the hardbound 
edition or the paperback 
edition, nor do I know what from edition I was looking at the pages, because it 
said "to see inside another 
edition," but I don't think it really matters a whole lot. Anyway, when I 
looked inside, I was able to see the 
first 3 pages of the first chapter (I didn't bother to go further).The first 
page of the chapter was 
un-numbered. The next two pages had the page numbers at the top. So what you 
can do, if you want and 
you decide to read the book, is to put a page break just before the page 
number; delete the heading but 
leave the page number; make a line space; and then continue the text. This 
might sond onerous but it 
really takes only  few seconds. I've done this with books that had no page 

If you want, and you tell me which edition it is you're working with, I can get 
the book from the library and let 
you know for sure where the page numbers are, but I'm pretty sure that 
paperback editions follow the 
same design as the hardbound -- and anyway, as I said, I don't really think it 
matters where the numbers 
are as long as they're there.


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] formatting issues
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Hi everyone!
I am currently validating The Reluctant Suitor by Cathleen E. Woodiwiss. It was 
given a fair rating on the 
download page and I'd like to clean it up a bit. The problem is that the 
author's name and the page 
number seem to be appearing at the top of each page. It would be okay if It 
even seems to split certain 
words in two. As a subscriber, I know that I wouldn't want to read a book with 
so much unnecessary text 
randomly appearing throughout a book. How do I fix this problem? The book is in 
txt format. There were no 
indications that the page numbers were headers of footers.


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