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I know there are a lot of e-mails, Julia.  <smile>  But if you saw Jamie's 
post, and my response, we have a text file, and Word has pulled its old 
trick of putting in soft page breaks and inserting extra page numbers.  Let 
me know what you want done.  It sounds like you have a true RTF file.  If 
you like, I could reject this copy, and then you could submit your good copy 
with 181 pages, and I will validate that one.

TJust let me know what you want done.


Sue S.

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Sorry about that, there's just so many emails to go through. I can't seem to 
find that page, what does it start with? My book only goes up to one eighty 
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  Hi Julia,

  Are you planning to send me page 229 of The Other Woman by Joy Fielding?

  Sue S.

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