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Oh dear. that's because it was originally a txt file that was converted into an 
rtf file. Its good that Cindy is getting the book, oh, now I get it, you need 
page 229 from the original, ok, so I'm slow, yeah, I already took that back to 
the library, and I'm currently in Vancouver visiting Dad, that's why I got 
behind on my emails. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you by not answering right 
away. Julia
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  Hi Cindy,

  I haven't heard from Julia Kulak, so if you want to get the book and send me 
page 229, that would be lovely.  The rest seems to be okay.  Julia did get a 
good scan.  What I am wondering is, since Word says the file is plain text, 
Coourier 10, will my page breaks be retained, or is this what folks call "soft 
page breaks?"  Is this why bookshare.org no longer accepts .doc files?  This 
has a .rtf extension, but Word keeps telling me it is a plain text Courier 10 
file.  I wrote to Claire about this page breeak issue, but she did not respoond.

  Thanks, Cindy,

  Sue S.

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