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If you're  responding to a messsage you probably still on the topic that was 
raised. It's when a post leads one to want to reply with a response that is 
slightly off topic, as when I responded to  the topic of sci/scientific fiction 
books by mentioning favorite movies in that genre,or when someone wanted to 
change the discussion from most hated sci fi to most hated books. Or when Kim 
(was it) wanted to ask about writig science fiction which had nothing to do 
with whatever the previous post was about?


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Personally, if I have a message in front of me for which I have a reply I 
usually just go ahead and reply without giving much thought to whether it might 
be off topic or not. I am not denying that I am being remiss in doing it that 
way; I just don't think about it. If I find a message in my email that has O T  
in the subject line it makes little difference to me because I feel compelled 
to read a message that is in front of me unless it is obvious spam. I might be 
making life a bit more difficult for myself that way, but that is the way I do 

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When I see off topic messages without an OT in the subject line, I wonder if 
the poster is thumbing his/her nose at other list members, saying: "I know

this message is off topic, but I'm not going to bother indicating that, so that 
people who do not want to read subject matter not directly related to what

the list is about have to start reading my messages before they find out that 
they are off topic." 

OT is used for the convenience of list members so they can skip messages.. It 
has nothing to do with dissing list owners. I've never heard that mentioned

before today as a reason why people use OT to indicate off topic messages. 


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] OT in subject line

I don't think or do that, Ann. I think OT informs us that the message as 
changed somewhat or even completely and we want list members to know but we want

people to read it and respond, or we wouldn't post.



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<smiling>  Sue, it didn't have OT on it because we just hadn't gotten around to 
taking it off-list, and besides, people who post OT messages and put OT

in the subject line are actually saying, "I know this is off topic, and I don't 
care.  You can do whatever to me you like, but I don't care."  

When I see OT on an msg, I always feel as if the person is thumbing his/her 
nose at the listowner.  

I intend taking our discussions off-list, Sue.  Thanks for the reminder.  
Should have done it affore now.

Ann P.


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