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I'm going to wave a red flag of caution concerning Royal Prestige pots. They're made by a company called "Hy Cite" which is headquartered here in Wisconsin. Sadly, I think the company has changed drastically over the years since when Valerie purchased her super cookware. I heard about this because of living here in Wisconsin, and it was a big deal because it is a Wisconsin-based company.

The California attorney general successfully sued them in 2008/2009 for unsavory business practices. He (Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr). said (quote): ""Hy Cite hoodwinked hundreds of consumers into purchasing high-priced pots and pans by using deceptive in-home demonstrations and scare tactics."

From an article on the Attorney General's website: "Brown's office investigated Hy Cite and found that the company violated the state's unfair competition and false advertising laws, as well as a previous injunction prohibiting such practices." (url: http://www.jerrybrown.org/node/579 )

There's more information about this recent case on California's official website ( do a search on "Hy Cite" on the Attorney General's page at http://search.doj.ca.gov/AGSearch/search ), or, for example, at the Los Angeles County website ( http://dca.lacounty.gov/artRPSettlement.htm ).

The pans are very expensive nowadays, running from $2000 to $4,500 for a set, and consumer sites list a lot of complaints about how the quality of the products consumers receive after ordering is nothing like the quality of the products that they are shown in the demonstrations.

So just a "for what it's worth" caution. smile.

Judy s.

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