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Great news Shelley!  And you are nonetheless worthy of it because of the
ignorance that tried to block your way.  One day we won't have to fight so
hard and it will be because we fought so hard.

Congratulations!  And now for the party!

Peace and Hope,


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What phenomenal news. Congratulations to you, and to those who will have
the good fortune of becoming your pupils.


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> Well, a lovely little package arrived in our mail box yesterday.  And
> after
> five years, fighting for accommodations along the way, fighting for
> in
> alternate format, and demanding several refunds... I am finally, and
> totally
> a TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!
> I got my Level 1 license in the mail yesterday.  I am now officially
> the
> state of Pennsylvania capable of teaching Special Education for the
> Visually
> Impaired, and Elementary education.
> I am so excited and relieved too, smile, as I can now officially say I
> a
> TEACHER!  Yeah.!  It took forever, but it is finally here, and mom
> once
> we get several photocopies of it, it is getting framed, smile.
> But I had to share with this family as we have been a team, well, gosh
> me for almost four years, or maybe it is four years now, smile, I
> remember when I joined as a volunteer, smile.
> But a lot of us have been here going through each others joys and
> tribulations, and well, smile.
> Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
> juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
> Graduate Advisory Council
> www.guidedogs.com
> The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to
> stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.
>       -- Vance Havner

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