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Mayrie gave an good explanation of things, and what she does is what I do as well. I believe there are several volunteers who also enjoy Si Fi, but I am not one of them. smile

Melissa Smith

On 6/30/2011 12:11 PM, Mayrie ReNae wrote:
Hi Tim,
Please don't remove any pages. It is very likely that the long synopsis comes from the back cover. You said that, didn't you? Please label this page [From The Back Cover]. Many times readers like to see this upon opening a book so that they can know what they're going to read about, much as you might while scanning your own personal bookshelves for a book to read, if you're like me, and you have scads of books that you have acquired and haven't read yet, but forgot exactly what they were about since the time they came into your hands. I'll give you instructions for standardizing your paragraphing format, making all of your lines left justified. Have you standardized the font so that all of the body is of one size and font type, and then enlarged and bolded the appropriate headings such as title, parts, and chapters? If you have already done the enlarging and bolding, standardizing the font will get rid of that and I don't want to make you go to more work. Let me know if you'd like instructions for standardizing the font, usually done before doing anything else to a book, and before putting in heading bolding and enlargement so as not to have that get messed up by standardizing font after that has been done. Oh, I'm so sorry. This is not my most intelligent e-mail ever. Please ask questions if you have any, whenever you have them. We're all very willing to help you however and whenever we can.
It's great to have you with us!
Here's how to make all of your document left-justified:

Standardize paragraph format (this step is for books that do not contains tables).

Select all text with a control a (hold down the control key while tapping the a key once)

Under your version of Word's paragraph formatting menu, set the indents and spacing as follows:

Alignment: left or justified (either choice is acceptable)

Indentation left: zero

Indentation right: zero

First line indent: by: 0.2 (chose a number from 0.2 to 0.5. for best results.)

Spacing before paragraphs: zero

Spacing after paragraphs: zero

Line spacing: at least 12 point

Hope that helps!

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On the first scanned page, the long synopsis from the back cover is reproduced here (it is also at the end of the back matter). It's followed by the short synopsis in the front matter. That is followed by other books by the author (page iii). The title and author appear on page iv.

Should I delete the first long synopsis? What about the two pages before the title page? The copyright and dedication pages follow. No ToC in this book. Also, quite a few lines and blocks of lines are center or right justified. Will your instructions take care of those?

I do not see any manual line breaks or paragraph marks. After your reply, I will execute your very detailed instructions (greatly appreciated).

It is a sci-fi book: "Dark Is The Sun" by Phillip Jose Farmer; no poetry. I love sci-fi, anybody scanning them (hint)? I also like New Age/Metaphysical.

I hope you have a lot of patience with me.

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