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Hi Alicia!

Cookbooks are quite a challenge with all of the fractions that the OCR messes up, so thanks for taking one on.

In addition to what has been said, it was suggested a while back that when there are subsections in the index that are indented to use a space, then a dash and another space to preserve the formatting of the indented items.

Also, another suggestion for any table of contents or index, it's helpful just as it is with the indenting to make it easier for sighted people who are Bookshare members to put an elipsis with a space on each side of it between the item and its page number. The elipsis is like a short series of leader dots that makes the page numbers easier to spot quickly. I wouldn't know from personal experience, but both of these formatting suggestions make sense to me.


At 03:00 PM 6/28/2011, Alicia Stillwell wrote

I am working on my first cook book, and I have some basic questions.
First, should the descriptions of pictures be included, or removed? Also pages that were only pictures have (picture), is this appropriate instead of [blank page]? Second, there is a lot of formatting in the book, like sections that are indented, should all of this formatting be removed? And if so is there a specific way to signal a change in section?

Thank you for the help,
Alicia Stillwell


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