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Is there a place where we can enter comments if we take a book for
validation, then kick it back for someone else, perhaps, because of stuff
like sidebars, etc?

I worked on the book Harem for two weeks, cleaned up the scanning, got rid
of a bunch of scanner garbage, but it didn't get accepted because it has
three hundred and something pages when it's only "supposed" to have 187
pages.  I couldn't figure out where the "real" page breaks were supposed to
be, so I submitted it for publication after I validated it.  It's totally
readable other then the page thing.  The blank pages I found were numbered,
leading me to leave them intact, as the volunteer manual says to, to keep
page numbering intact.  I looked at a couple other books today and one had a
semi intact title page.. I wonder if things sitting on the step one list are
like this a lot-validaters find problems and just release it back hoping
someone else can/will fix them?  If we had a coment box when we release a
book, it would help the next validater.  Or am I missing something?


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Book #1 was submitted in March of 2008.
Book #2 was submitted in Oct. 2007. According to Carrie it is missing and
two pages and has several that are garbled, probably scanned upset down.
Someone should look at it and if you don't want to validate it, reject it.
I have 5 downloads already and so can't. It's rated only Fair and the
submitter was also the validator, so it was returned. Book #3 was submitted
in March and nobody's tried it. It's rated Good; maybe the submitter is
being modest. It's a Fourth Godfather saga book, so if any of you aren't
afraid of Adult-rated books (for sex? violence?) and liked the Godfather
books and/or movies, have a go.

March is 6  months ago, more or less. What should be considered "lingering."
How long?  Anyone who wants to can start at the bottom and check submission
date of a book that interests you. I was taking books that had been on the
list for more than 6 months but that was when we had no limit and then I was
chastised for having so many and told I should release them so others could
take them if they wanted to. Eventually some were taken,perhaps rejected--I
don't know--and some were still on the download list wh en I was able to
take a new book, so I took them then.


1. Don Nehlan Tales from the West Virginia Sidelines by Don Nehlan with
Shelly Poe RTF (Rich Text Format) Excellent, almost no errors. 
Long Synopsis:  This is the story of legendary West Virginia University
coach Don Nehlan. It is the story of his 20 years of coaching West Virginia
football. Nonfiction  Sports The submitters comments indicate that she's
done a careful job of prevalidation and she left her name and email address

2. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy with Trauma Survivors by Susan Johnson
RTF (Rich Text Format)
Brief Synopsis: This book provides a theoretical framework and an innovative
model of intervention for distressed couples whose relationships are
affected by the echoes of trauma. Fair, Self-Help  Professional and

3. The Godfather's Revenge Mark Winegartner RTF (Rich Text Format) 
Brief Synopsis: The final Saga in the story of the Corleone crime family 
Good, some errors. 
Long Synopsis:  The new novel in the most celebrated saga, and the men who
gave revenge its meaning; Michael Corleone, American crime boss pursuing the
mantle of legitimacy; Nick Gerasi, the former family top man hunted by the
Corleones, and the Feds after an unforgivable betrayal; Daniel Brendan Shea,
the ambitious brother of a galvanizing young new president, out to topple
the kingpins of organized crime; Carlo Tramante, the New Orleans Capo, who
lives to see his humiliation avenged at any cost; Tom Hagan,
 an Irish consiglieri in an Italian worlde, plunged into treachery and
mortal peril; Five lives on a collision course that will make history, and
shock the world; An unforgetable capstone to Mario Puzo's great American
This book is flagged as having adult content  Mystery and Thrillers

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