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This has the potential to go way off topic, but I wanted to clarify what I  
meant by the word exasperation. I was not referring to christian fiction in  
particular. In fact, I have never read one of those, but your description of  
them coincides with my impression of them and reinforces my lack of interest in 
reading one. I was referring more to religious nonfiction, and I do not just  
mean christian. My exasperation is derived from the fact that as an atheist I 
am  flabbergasted by the fact that anyone could actually believe that stuff. 
I read  an occasional fantasy novel. In fact, I am validating one right now. A 
fantasy  novel, however, is taken seriously by neither the author nor the 
reader and so  can be enjoyable entertainment. Religious doctrine is no more or 
less fantastic  as the wizards, sprites and other magical beings and occurances 
in a fantasy  novel and, indeed is quite similar, but the fact that the 
author, especially,  takes that kind of fantasy seriously and actually believes 
things that are  demonstrably false is extremely exasperating to me. In a 
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Hi  all,

As a "volunteer", one who wills to do something, you do not have  to 
justify yourself at all.  Some people like some books, others do  not.  
I don't particularly like romance.  I read about one  romance a year, if 
that.  I like action books.  I dislike  political thrillers and books 
that move slowly.

I know people who  read romances till they come out of their ears!  I 
don't understand  it, but then, I like Catherine Asaro and David Weber, 
and they can't stand  those books!

I had to smile about the description of Christian  books.  Some evoke 
the same reaction in me because they strive so  mightily to convey a 
point that the story, if there was one, is totally  obscured.  Sometimes 
the writing is so awful and the dialogue is  stilted!  I get exasperated 
too.  If you want to write Christian  apologetics in fiction, try 
emulating C.S. Lewis, not a dime novel  author.

Different strokes for different folks.

Ann  P.

Ann K. Parsons
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Not all those who  wander are lost."

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