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The books that need to be rescanned are already in the collection but in 
poor condition. The No Books Left Behind are books that were rejected. I 
think, in either case, you'd have to rescan. The books on the list of books 
needing a rescan are not found on the Downloads page. They're actually in 
the collection, and you'd need to be a member to download them, I believe. 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hi, Rui,

I've not looked at your other books before. Just now I
did, even though I have quite a few books already to
fix if possible.  But  looking at the No Books Left
Behind list and the Books that need to be rescanned
list, although there are different books on each list,
I was wondering what the difference is.  Bot lists
seem to have books that are in bad shape. Are the
books in the former list ones that have been rejected
and books in the latter list ones that are still on
the download page despite their poor condition? I need
to know, because when I finish with the ones I have
now, I'll take poor ones or ones missing chapters,
pages, etc. to fix but I won't rescan.


-- Rui <rui@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Good afternoon:
> The June 23 edition of Marissa's list is now
> available on BookshareScans.
> Note: the list of books being edited and the books
> out for administrative
> approval are now separated from one another.
> -- Rui
>  Bookshare.org Informal Volunteer Scanning Page
> http://members.cox.net/booksharescans

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