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I took 3 years of typing and have used a manual typewriter and an electric
one and to most I'm not that old.

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> ----Actually, Mary, a long time ago the staff did say to leave all that
stuff in. I've been doing it, but it's
> extremely annoying and boring to have to waste time correcting the scan of
those pages, and, of
> course, I'm sure the prices on the book offer are out of date. We were
told that the ads for books by
> other authors might be of interest to the reader of the book.
> I admit I don't know the value of the reviews, but maybe it would help the
person to decide if they really
> want to read the book. Of course, they've already downloaded it and I
don't suppose they can return it.
> Anyway, I for one would be very happy to learn that we no longer have to
scan and validate those pages.
> From the books I've validated and not scanned, I think a lot of people
don't bother - and don't bother
> scanning the covers and flaps of hardbound books that have them, either,
though I was originally told
> that that was highly desirable, if not mandatory. I'd like not to bother
with that, either, especially since
> often they don't scan well and have to be typed in.
> BTW, do we still use the word "typing," since we're not using typewriters?
(Do you young folk even know
> what typewriters are? My husband mentioned typing in the course of a class
discussion and his
> college students just stared at him blankly as if they didn't know what he
was talking about.
> Cindy
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