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Strawberry Tattoo:  A Sam Jones Novel by Lauren Henderson.


This is a clean scan and should be a fun validation.  Here's the synopsis:


Sam Jones, sculptress and reluctant sleuth, can't resist the opportunity to
do Manhattan when she's invited to New York for a group show at a gallery

young British artists. New York, loud and brash as Sam herself, welcomes her
with open arms and plenty of her favorite margaritas. She's even reunited

with Kim, a best friend from childhood who's transformed herself into a
quintessential New Yorker, complete with weekly spinning classes and an East

studio apartment. Despite Sam's promise to stay out of trouble, however,
trouble keeps finding he -- one of the gallery's employees is found

in Central Park's Strawberry Fields not long after Sam arrives, and the
gallery itself has been trashed with graffiti.


While Sam's new Manhattan friends pop Prozac and fret about the police
investigation, the rest of the young Brits turn up in New York, including
the one

Sam drunkenly groped in a club not so long ago. Will the exhibition be a
success? Will Sam's current boyfriend -- the dashing actor Hugo -- find out

her moment of abandon? And will the details of the strawberry tattoo give
away the murderer's identity before Sam herself becomes a target?



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