[bksvol-discuss] Re: let's decide on the fate of this poor book

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Hi, Bob.

I understand where some of your frustration is coming from.

I have Openbook 6.0 and wouldn't mind converting those ARK files to RTF for someone. This is all I primarily use OB for now any way.

I wouldn't want to violate the Bookshare policy because I wouldn't want my over sight, even though it was done with the best of intensions, to jeopardize any of the great work Bookshare has accomplished.

However, your point is a good one. Could Lisa or even Jim F. clarify the legal underpinnings of this issue so we could have more understanding as to the rationale behind the policy of not sharing books amongst each other?

I can point out one problem with users converting ARK files to RTF. Because of the Bookshare agreement, we can't simply E-mail the converted book to someone, so these books would have to be submitted through the bookshare site. this would possibly skew someone's credits because the original Ark file which was most likely submitted by a different user would need to be rejected. Then, the person submitting the RTF file would get the credit for that book even though they were just helping out the original submitter and validate by uploading a more widely used file format. This would also make more work for Claire and her staff since they'd have to keep track of who submitted which format first.

the good news is, there are only 23 ARK books on step one and most of them are fiction.


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I think this book's history confirms a complaint of mine concerning the book process. That complaint is that we cannot cooperate on a book. Each time the book when back to step 1 the next person had to start fresh without the benefit of the previous validator's work or experience with the book. If we could share books how much easier the experience could be, and how much shorter the list of books on step 1 needing to be validated would also be. I've been told (warned, should I say) that this is a breach of my bookshare agreement. I contend that that isn't true. As I remember it, I agreed not to exchange books in the collection with other users. Books in step 1 are not on the collection yet, and to exchange books with another volunteer isn't like giving a book to another person to read. Any volunteer who wants to read a book on step 1 before it gets into the collection can do so, no matter how many other people have checked it out before. All they have to do is wait for the book to become available. I have certain tools on my computer, tools like Kurzweil and ms word. Someone who has openbook may wish to work on a book currently in .kes format. How much better it would be if I could get the book, convert it to .rtf format, perhaps make all image breaks page breaks with word, and pass the book on to the person with open book to work with. They call that collaboration. This list consists of many people willing and anxious to work on books. But we are restricted in the help we can give because of something that I, at least, consider a misreading of the bookshare agreement. If you think my reading of the situation is wrong then let me know, and I'll shut up about it. I'm really not trying to make waves; I just want to address a situation that I think might help. I just hate to see us beating our brains out to solve problems that could be much more easily solved by the application of a little common sense.

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